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Irck Summer Comeback Mix 2013

Irck - Summer Comeback Mix 2013

Slowhouse, deep, downtempo
Irck Autumn Mix 2010

Irck - Autumn Mix 2010

Deep, downtempo, disco, funky, deephouse
Mix archived and gwen - mechanical body (supervalue edit)0:00:00
2.woolfy - carry on0:06:03
3.hess is more - boss0:09:37
4.6th borough project - how can i show you0:12:34 toddy - i need love0:17:00
6.trickski - pill collins0:21:52
7.mark e - codsall juniors0:24:18
8.the revenge - looking up yo you0:30:12
9.eddie c - my woman (wolf mix)0:33:32
10.6th borough project - stratus quo0:35:55
11.sally shapiro - jackie jackie (junior boys edit)0:38:55
12.trickski - the warm up0:44:23
13.ryo murakami - just for this (the revenge mix)0:49:30
14.toomydisco - blues city0:53:00
15.kasper bjoerk - heaven (prins thomas discomiks)0:56:40
16.soulphiction - underground railroad1:00:24
17.minilogue & others - almost live but definately plugged1:03:08
18.mathias kaden - kawaba (dj koze mix)1:08:01
19.the revenge - leave your mind1:11:39
20.sascha dive - underground railroad1:17:35
21.chairlift - evident utensil (jacques renault mix)1:22:44
Irck Summer Mix 2010

Irck - Summer Mix 2010

Deep, downtempo, disco, funky, deephouse
Mix archived
1.phil collin - im not moving (idjut boys edit)0:00:00
2.clelia felix - don't walk away0:04:50
3.hi-gloss - you'll never know0:08:18
4.dan electro - lift up my mind0:13:08
5.move d - computer flop0:16:42
6.low motion disco - love love love (soft rocks remix)0:20:24
7.craig smith & the revenge - estranged lover0:26:10
8.eddie c - you're welcome0:29:35
9.eddie c - let your mind be free0:33:04
10.tiger & woods - ginnation0:38:27 chocolat - cadillac (the revenge re-edit)0:43:10
12.mark e - formed0:47:10 rangers - herbal cake (the revenge mix)0:51:35 rangers - herbal cake (original mix)0:54:26
15.dan electro - look around0:57:01
16.birth control - plastic people (medit)1:00:40
17.mark e - christo1:07:30
18.bomb the bass - the infinites (mark e remix)1:13:30 slave - n.i.n.a.1:18:35